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Pricing & Payment Policy

  1. Our pricing is calculated using prevailing and source prices to give you the best possible value. These prices do change from time to time, owing to the fluctuations in prices from source inventory and demand issues, so our prices change as well.
  2. Prices are listed in US$ as ex warehouse, Dubai, Including delivery within our boundary limit. Prices are not including freight, handling fees, and are subject to correction or change without notice. All Products are priced according to current market conditions, stock availability and demand.  Prices on our site are subject to change without notice. Please expect to be charged the price for the AG Auto merchandise you buy as it is listed on the day of purchase order.
  3. We accept 100% payment before shipment. If customer fails to make payment within 2 weeks from the date of order confirmation. Then, AG Auto will have a rights to cancel the reserved orders.
  4. Any credit balance(s) issued by AG Auto will be applied to customer’s account within one (1) year of its issuance.

Shipping & Policy

  1. After placed an order for an item, shipment for the available parts (in Stock Parts) will be ready within 24 to 48 working hours,
  2. You may only cancel an order within 48 hours before shipment, by sending the cancellation by e-mail or by telecom. We will make every effort to cancel your order prior to shipment. We cannot cancel orders that have already been shipped.
  3. Cancellation of total order must be approved by AG Auto or may be denied.
  4. Delivery of Goods to shipping agent, should be clearly update in the order page with full details, if any changes in the agent, must be e-mail with authorization letter for stating agent information for delivering the goods. No orders will deliver to any other 3rd party agent, without prior notice.
  5. Order once shipped will not accept for return.

Product Terms:

  1. Part Numbers may be substituted and may not be identical to descriptions, if any Part Number is substituted, then, substitute available P/N will be supplied.
  2. After confirmed the order, if the particular item not available in our current stock, then, it will be treated as not available, or we will make a new quotation for the not available item, then subsequent price for the new quotation will be treated upon confirmation.

Force Majeure:

AG Auto shall not be liable for any delay in, performance resulting in whole or in part from any force majeure event, including but not limited to acts of God, labor disruptions, acts of war, acts of terrorism (whether actual or threatened), governmental decrees or controls, shortages, or power failures, fires, accidents, explosions, inability to procure or ship product or obtain permits and licenses, inability to procure items, severe weather conditions, or any other circumstance or cause beyond the reasonable control of AG Auto in the conduct of its business.